Ford representative said that the Fiesta's PowerShift gearbox and auto Focus on N (mo) while operating at high speed do not threaten the safety of users.
According to Automotive News, after The Detroit Free Press page published the story of Ford deliberately selling Fiesta cars and Focus faulting PowerShift gearbox to the market, the US automaker quietly sent notices to dealers, asking They check and correct the error of the gearbox for free at the request of the owner. Ford's representative denied the information.

Fiesta owners and Focus insist that the PowerShift gearbox shows slip, jerks, slow gear changes while Ford thinks the acceleration is not related to the DPS6 gearbox. Expression of tapered vibration (shock) due to the purpose of saving gasoline.

Ford shares with automotive news sites, the gearbox may suddenly be about the mo (N) but it is a manifestation of the control module error, which only occurs after a few years of operation, does not appear. in the process of testing and launching new cars.

Automotive News cited the content of the Ford notice sent to dealers on July 12, in which the company instructed dealers to "arrange inspection and repair cars if necessary". The malfunctioning vehicles were produced in the period of 2011-2017, some of them were out of warranty.

Two years ago, 1.9 million US consumers sued Ford for PowerShift gearbox errors. Ford had to spend $ 35 million to fix the car event. Currently, the California state court is reviewing this agreement because they think the money is not enough to compensate the owners.

Last year, Ford had to pay a fine of 10 million AUD (equivalent to 7.6 million USD) in Australia to make customers spend time and money to pursue a gearbox error complaint. This is considered to be the largest ever penalty for violations of Australian consumer protection laws.

The Australian Consumer Protection and Competition Association (ACCC) has concluded that Ford Australia intentionally conceals a Ford PowerShift transmission error when receiving a series of customer complaints. Some owners also get an explanation because their driving makes the clutch malfunction even though Ford knows exactly that it is a transmission error.

On April 26, the Australian federal court issued a fine of 10 million AUD for unsatisfactory behavior to resolve complaints of 10,500 customers during the period of 5/2015 - 2/2016.

Faulty focus complaints on Focus, EcoSport and Fiesta models are available from 2011 - 2016, all using PowerShift gearboxes.

Many cases of gearbox detection have stopped working. Customers have to spend money to change cars. Ford does not agree to refund or exchange cars for free even though the faulty cars have undergone many repairs and cannot fix the gearbox problems.

PowerShift gearbox has given Ford Fiesta many competitive advantages with rivals because owning a dual clutch only appears on large cars and high-end cars.

PowerShift gearbox comes with two clutches, each of which controls a different range of numbers (one series controller 1-3-5, the other controls the number sequence 2-4-6). Equipping two clutches will create continuous operation to limit interruption when changing during operation.

Ford has researched and built a processor that calculates the right time for the operation of the accelerator and the vehicle speed that activates and releases the car-compatible clutches that can operate in sequence from number sequences.

Ford, thanks to the control of the electronic clutch release / release, the time to shift the number on the car will be faster, quieter and not late as the conventional AT automatic transmission.