According to Hyundai's advertisement, the new drive system uses an electric motor to synchronize the drive system with the speed of the engine, to convert torque faster and more efficiently.

Unlike current hybrid models that often depend on dual-clutch gearbox, the new ‘Active Shift Control’ (ASC) gearbox is built around a conventional torque converter.

According to automotive news, the center of the system is a new control software that helps control hybrid motors, which use electric motors to synchronize engine speed with gearbox speed to reduce time. conversion time up to 30%.

With conversion times reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.35 seconds, Hyundai says the reduced frequent performance relative to the torque converter will be minimized.

“The world's first ASC technology development is a powerful breakthrough, allowing the integration of precision motor controllers to automatic transmissions,” said Kyoung Joon Chang, vice president and stand. The head of Hyundai's motor drive control system said.

"This system not only saves fuel but also brings a more enjoyable driving experience to users."

Hyundai's current hybrid cars still depend on dual-clutch gearbox. The new system will be equipped in the upcoming Sonata Hybrid model but will eventually be deployed in Hyundai and Kia models.