With the rapid change of technology, modern high-end models of Mercedes-Benz are being introduced by manufacturers more and more features, warnings are displayed through a series of symbols. Notifications on the multifunction screen. Messages may be just a reminder but sometimes are important warnings about the dangers, incidents or errors that arise during use.
On a car from high school to high class, the instrument cluster is the place for manufacturers to arrange a variety of lights displayed around the area. Today, in addition to the space inside the velocity meter and the engine rewind meter, users can also query information from the multipurpose screen added by carriers.
In particular, this screen also plays a very important role: automatically broadcast reference messages, reminders, or warn users about an incident or error (if any) on the car. With a Mercedes-Benz car, users can receive from 100 to 300 different messages.

Messages are divided into 8 content groups, so what are the noticeable messages when you come across them during the operation of the vehicle?

Notice of safety system

Safety is a very important factor in every car, and with luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, this factor is further enhanced by a series of modern safety systems. Mercedes-Benz C-Class and GLC have nearly 30 different messages related to safety systems.

If you encounter messages that contain terms like "Malfunction" (error), "unavailable" (unavailable), "Inoperative" (inactive), "Limited" (restricted) ... then be special attention.

Notifications about the engine system

Engines are the heart of every car, so engine-related announcements are very important. In this case, taking the car to a genuine authorized service center for a general inspection is a must.

Notifications about driver assistance systems

When these messages appear, common users will find it difficult to find out for themselves, but only trained professionals can find out why the system is faulty. The best way is to consult with a genuine authorized service center.

Notifications about tires

When a message appears on the multifunction screen, you can ignore the message and hide it by pressing the "Home" button on the steering wheel. However, with important, high priority messages (for example, serious error warnings), you cannot hide this way, the message will still appear repeatedly until the cause arises. The message is rooted.

Some messages, after processing the cause, must restart the related system. Basically, this is not a disturbing announcement.

General car announcements

More than 20 messages from the group of general car messages can be displayed on the versatile screen of Mercedes-Benz cars. Most of them are informative messages that remind users of the correct operation when operating the vehicle, or closing notice, opening the door.

However, if you have the message "Without changing gear, consult workshop" with a warning sound. This means that your car gearbox is faulty and cannot be changed. The only way you can do this is by not trying to transfer numbers, but contact your agency immediately. The same is true for the error message about the power steering system.

Service announcements (ASSYST PLUS)

These are not error messages but a feature that is equipped on every Mercedes-Benz vehicle, to remind users of the due dates of regular maintenance. Class A maintenance (Service A) means simple maintenance that can be done in a short time, while Class B Maintenance (Service B) is more extensive maintenance.

Timely maintenance will help your vehicle to have a "general examination", replace spare parts if needed to avoid more serious damage, and detect potential risks to handle them promptly. Because of this nature, ASSYST PLUS's service announcements, though not a serious warning, are just reminders, but are classified as not to be missed on Mercedes-Benz cars.