BMW 530i belongs to the latest G30 Series 5 generation that the German carmaker has brought to Vietnam through distributor THACO. This video I want to tell you about its details. So this will not be a detailed review, but just a 'hand in hand'.


The 530i head still impresses right from the two typical nose noses. In the G30 generation, this nostril design has a collapsible system depending on temperature and conditions improved compared to the traditional open design. When the car is off, the grille closes, when the car starts, the nostril opens.

In the middle of the grille is the front camera, combined with the remaining three cameras of the vehicle to form a 360-degree camera system.

I borrowed this car from a friend, so I changed the front bumper of the car with a sportier appearance. Replacing the previous timber not only makes the car more beautiful but also improves the aerodynamics of the car.

530i front lamp cluster with double side design connects to heat load grid. The daylight strip with a unique design brings the recognition value to the car when viewed from a distance. This lamp cluster consists of an eyelid-like syringe located just above.

The internal projection system uses BMW's adaptive LED technology, by means of algorithms and gathering information from the front camera mirror in the vehicle to adjust the direction of light and the intensity of light automatically to prevent the vehicle from being dazzling but still wide range of illumination, with the ability to glance left or right in the direction of the steering wheel as well as the ability to automatically balance low altitudes inherent from previous models.

The front bumper also includes a 6-sensor collision detection system as well as a parking assist system.

The car's bonnet is opened by swiping 2 times inside. The lid is designed to open with the electrical system, without a support bar. Revealing two external braces to reinforce the chassis, there is plenty of free space for the Bimmer brothers to increase engine efficiency.

Under the bonnet is a 4-cylinder engine block, with a capacity of 1998cc. With superior technology BMW Power Turbo gives 248 horsepower, torque reaches 350nm at 1450-4800 rpm.

The 530i's front wheels have been upgraded to 20-inch wheels compared to the original 18 inches. ~ 35 cm diameter disc brakes of the car is a detail I like, including 4 Piston system, which will bring higher performance.

Right above the wheel compartment is the rear air intake with the M5 logo. BMW car owners always have a dream about the M Performance line, BMW's high-performance car parts.

Rearview mirrors have many changes compared to previous generations. Slim LED taillights, along with side orientation cameras, support 360-degree system. Glass also includes anti-glare, heating, auto-folding (right) when the vehicle is in reverse status.

The door handle of the car is equipped with Comfort Access technology on all 4 doors, using touch to determine the fist operation, the door lock will be opened and a touch position in the 3 floating lines is for locking. The door, you touch the finger, of course the key must be on the brother, then this function will work. Equipped with snorkeling doors is indispensable on this mid-size luxury car. The bottom of the car is also a device modified from the original, synchronized with the front and rear bumpers.

The rear wheel of the car has a braking system of 1 Piston, basically the front wheel brake force is still more important.

The rear of the 530i version of the car is mastered into 4 round pistons to match the styling that obstructs the M Performance. It also includes 6 sensors to detect obstacles like the front.

The rear light system is equipped with fully LED technology, similar to the front light.

The rear camera of the car is deviated from the BMW logo above.

The back of the car has a capacity of 530 liters, powered by electricity. In addition, there is a function of kicking and blocking when the trunk is lowered if there are obstacles, the trunk will stop and open.


The back seat space of the outstanding car with column B is equipped with cooling door, combined with central air conditioning system to increase the coolness in hot sunny days.

On the back door there is storage space divided into 3 compartments, 2 H / K speakers on each side of the door. The door of the car is still designed with aluminum, integrated sun blinds with two hands on both sides of the door. Also at night, the surrounding LED system will turn on.

The rear seats can seat 3 people, including ISOFIX system for child seats.
The middle seat of the car has a pedestal, a personal storage space and a glass of water. The car seat does not have a design that allows the rear trunk.
The rear sun blinds are designed with electric adjustment.

The central control system behind the car consists of two air-conditioned air vents, control system, phone compartment as well as personal items, two 12V power ports and no USB ports.

The seat side of the driver's side is designed with 2-button power adjustment system but can be adjusted in 10 directions, including headrests. Door-side storage compartment with two large-sized compartments can hold multiple items, two loudspeaker clusters.

Noticeable details are the two open / close buttons that are brought up near the opening door.

The interior of the car mainly uses Dakota leather material, while the upper part of the dashboard and a part of the wing use Sensatec type.

Styrofoam to the right side of the driver has a large space, there is room to attach perfume.

The 530i version integrates a sunroof for the front row of seats with a fully electric two-layer control system.

The system of lights on the top of the vehicle is designed with a large fish scale pattern. There is a sensor cluster to identify user hand gestures for Infotainment entertainment system.

The rear rear mirror has an impressive thin frame design, though it has yet to fill the rim like some recent high-end cars. This rearview mirror is also equipped with automatic anti-glare system.

At the driver's side door, BMW equipped two seat memory buttons instead of the selected position at the bottom of the seat as before. There is also a button to open the rear trunk.

On the left of the steering wheel is a light adjustment system that includes a rotary button to adjust the four-state main light system, an automatic mode, a fog light adjustment button or a meter screen.

Just below is a small pocket for personal items, just like small wallets.

The car steering system is electrically adjusted with the ability to remember according to the vehicle's profile.

The left-hand lever of the car stands out with a phase-matching auto focus button for the BMW Adaptive LED front light system.

The steering wheel is a standard style, not the M-Sport version. However, behind the steering wheel, there is still a gear shift for the sport mode. On the steering wheel consists of a control cluster related to speed limit, automatic throttle, on the right side includes a switch to display the meter mode, volume rocker or voice control trigger button.

The locking system of the BMW 530i is provided with two sets of Display Key and basic remote.

The car is equipped with infotainment screen in the center of 10.25-inch wide format. The screen for the driver is larger in size with the whole display system is digital. Unfortunately, the HUD driver glass display is not equipped on this version.

Air-conditioning system consists of a display screen with some areas will show touch buttons. This screen's menu button displays feature details on the large entertainment screen.

In addition to using the touch screen system, the 530i also supports the ability to control hand gestures with various functions.

BMW designed the lower part of the entertainment screen so that users could rest their hands when adjusting the touch more conveniently.

The front storage compartment in the center console has a slide, the inside has 2 water cups, 2 USB ports for charging and phone data connection. Especially inside there is a place to put the phone for wireless charging, fit the iPhone XS Max. This is also the location for the Display Key wrench to be recharged.

The central control cluster consists of an entertainment screen control system with a large rotating wheel and function buttons.

The gear lever of the car is designed longer than the adult's fist. Still the type of power shift as previous versions. Gear lever controls the number 8 sports system.

The bottom is the electronic handbrake system and the Auto H brake (Hold) button is convenient to stop the red light.

Right next to the gear lever are the driving modes of the car, including ECO, Comfort, Sport. Sport Individual mode is customizable for steering wheel, engine performance, suspension system ...

Just below is a button that selects the mode to monitor obstacles around parking as well as a button to activate the camera system 360 degrees

In the rear trunk of the center console cluster also includes USB port and 12V charger. When closed, this is the position of the hand pedestal to adjust the gear lever or the entertainment system button.

So I shared the details with you about the G30 BMW 530i, the latest version of the 5 Series. Hope you continue to support me to continue to be "more on hand" than the cars you require.