I work on Odoo (OpenERP), according to the 6-year career, it is very necessary for ERP to be big or small. bring professionalism, simplify the management and operation of enterprises, thereby can manage more deeply, focus more on business production, find problems and tightening points of the business since then. choose the direction to increase the efficiency of production and business. However, in Vietnam, I found that there are some main barriers that make it difficult for small and medium enterprises to access ERP, that is:

- For ERP systems, packaging (built to meet all businesses) has the advantage that most of the costs are good, rapid deployment (setup, training, no loss of time, cost of editing) although Of course, it is available for everyone, so no one wears 100% and the training is not good, so it is difficult to use, so it does not use all the features, and does not meet the business requirements. In addition, when businesses change their business, develop to a larger scale, it is also time to abandon the system because at that time, this series of garment shirt was too tight to wear.
- For editing ERP systems, there are advantages to overcome the disadvantages of packaging systems, so as to correct the business of enterprises (tailor-made goods), can customize and upgrade level when the business and the size of the business change, but there are disadvantages of advantages of packaging systems: costs are often high, progress is slow because of having to learn the business of the business and then revise the system system accordingly.

I tried to find a way to help a small and medium-sized enterprise build an ERP system with them to save cost but still meet their business closely, and have to upgrade and improve when scale and business changes by:

+ Working as an individual
+ Cut down some components of the product as a guide (direct training of their key person and let them train themselves), ...
+ Only make the array management module of the enterprise and then publish the report to excel so that they can handle the less important modules on Excel from the data on the report (eg, the manufacturing enterprise only makes production , sales, accounting, and personnel salaries will produce reports from production and further processing)
+ Calculate the cost of each individual repair and upgrade
+ Give them a solution to buy a server and install it on it running locally in the lan (buy a server once, without the cost of server rental)

So everyone who needs to make ERP with the model I say can contact me.
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