What is the best form automation software for small businesses?
The best form automation software for small businesses is ProntoForms. This extensive easy-to-use form automation tool allows business users to control complex workflows. With the drag and drop feature, users can create fillable forms, build workflows, and easily combine back-end processes to accelerate results.
In today's competitive global market environment, businesses depend on innovation to remain competitive. However, employees tend to lack the necessary stamina and the time to innovate to achieve innovation, they are forced to spend most of their working time on performing cumbersome, repetitive tasks. repetitive, low impact. To empower employees and teams to promote innovation at work, they must be free to perform low-value, recurring work tasks.
Thanks to technological advances, one way to do so is through the form of automation solutions. These powerful applications have been shown to significantly reduce the time and effort that workers have to work to accomplish many repetitive tasks and even reduce the inevitable human error in manual processes, among other advantages. This article aims to give you some useful insights and an expert on some of the best form automation tools on the market today.
Business process automation is expected to be at the center of the upcoming digital transformation. Business automation technologies such as form automation tools are expected to take customer value to the next level, such as increased usability, greater personalization, reliability and quality. higher quality and faster service and product delivery. Despite fears that increased automation could force people to lose their jobs, a report on workplace automation indicated the opposite: 97% of workers thought they would benefit greatly from self-employment. automation.
The benefits of form automation for a business are immense, both for your employees and your customers. For example, consider that your employees spend about 2 hours a day performing manual operations and repetitive tasks, which can be automated. That equates to 10 hours a week or about 40 hours a month taking hours for every employee. For example, if you have 100 employees, that would be a total of 4,000 wasted hours per month or 166 days lost by your business for manual tasks that can be automated!
Using automation forms, especially the top 12 tools that will be presented in this post, give small businesses a range of advantages. With these powerful tools, small businesses can gain seamless connectivity with their customers, providing them with a great user experience, increasing their ability to convert leads into sales. actual numbers and more. You can find more information on form automation tools here.
ProntoForms can be considered as one of the most advanced mobile form builders in the market today. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop mobile form builder allows you to get complete control of intricate processes in any business operation. This intuitive and flexible solution can be used as a mobile front-end to systems of record or as standalone tool to automate repetitive tasks and processes.
What makes this automation tool a choice solution for small businesses is that it is enterprise grade but does use complicated codes, making it easy and quick to deploy. This feature-rich platform empowers you with full control in designing your forms, enjoy the convenience of user-friendly navigation, decide for your automatic triggers to follow-up alerts or new jobs, securely transmit data to your business systems and company storage, communicate with customers via email, and send SMS notifications to stakeholders. You can easily try out this smart forms automation tool when you sign up for a ProntoForms free trial here.
This award is given to the best product in our forms automation software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
ProntoForms also offers a host of other benefits. Aside from allowing to create elegant, professionally-designed forms, you can also integrate dynamic, intuitive automation features to your business forms. For instance, you can use its innovative “if This, then That” feature to allow you total control of UX and dictate how form inputs will be triggered by particular actions. It also provides you the convenience of real-time access to your various business data sources as well as time-saving solutions that your teams can use at the office and even when on the go.
Pardot is another popular forms and marketing automation tool for small businesses. Made to work seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, this automation solution is packed with powerful features yet easy to use due to its smart dashboard that even novice users can readily employ to automate their daily tasks. Its graphical automation branching and drop-down menus make this intuitive automation tool a good choice for B2B transactions.
This automation tool allows you to perform many repetitive tasks to achieve efficiency and save time. By eliminating the need for constant manual support, you can build lists, campaign rules, contact tags, and come up with lead-scoring packages that automatically send the correct notifications to the correct recipient. You can try this app when you sign up for a Pardot free demo here.
This platform also has a clean user interface, and properly-labeled icons and tabs to help you to complete more tasks in a shorter time. With its native integration with Salesforce application suits, smart dashboard, and an extensive list of features, Pardot is a sound option for your forms automation needs.
Form.com is an all-around, all-in-one forms automation platform that helps users to quickly deploy process enhancement and data gathering applications for businesses. This smart app provides a number of intuitive electronic forms to take advantage of going paperless, benefit from using mobile forms, and help streamline your business process through smart automation.
With Form.com, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and speed of your core business processes while guaranteeing a single version of the truth. It also allows you to make your internal and external teams’ communication better using personalized workflows that transform how your teams, data, and forms work together as a single, unified business unit.
You can also integrate Form.com with your current business systems to build a robust solution that can adapt to your existing infrastructure and optimize upon extant data. You can sign up for a Form.com free demo here.
Paperform is an online form creator and forms automation solution that allows you to intuitively build your own well-designed online forms, product or payment pages fast. With its numerous features, this forms automation tool allows anyone—without the need for any training—to quickly start simplifying your existing systems using its hundreds of designer templates to automate your various business processes such as application forms, quizzes and surveys, client onboarding, payments, event registration, landing forms and lead capture.
Using Paperform to make your own forms is easy because it’s like writing a document in your favorite word processor app. This is made possible by its quick and robust editor, which allows you to create innovative online forms where you can use styled text and insert videos and pictures to promote your brand and enhance user experience.
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